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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] A judge sharply limited the scope of the subpoena, which Google had fought on trade secret, not privacy, grounds.
To defend the nine-year-old Child Online Protection Act, government lawyers attacked software filters as burdensome and less effective, even though they have previously defended their use in public schools and libraries.
"It is not reasonable for the government to expect all parents to shoulder the burden to cut off every possible source of adult content for their children, rather than the government's addressing the problem at its source," a government attorney, Peter D. Keisler, argued in a post-trial brief.
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The hotel is located just two miles from McCarran International Airport, the Las Vegas Strip and plenty of shopping and dining.
Clarion Hotel & Suites offers complimentary limo transportation and personalized service.
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Critics of the law argued that filters work best because they let parents set limits based on their own values and their child's age.
The law addressed material accessed by children under 17, but applied only to content hosted in the United States.The Web sites that challenged the law said fear of prosecution might lead them to shut down or move their operations offshore, beyond the reach of the U.S. law. They also said the Justice Department could do more to enforce obscenity laws already on the books.
The 1998 law followed Congress' unsuccessful 1996 effort to ban online pornography. The Supreme Court in 1997 deemed key portions of that law unconstitutional because it was too vague and trampled on adults' rights.
The newer law narrowed the restrictions to commercial Web sites and defined indecency more specifically.In 2000, Congress passed a law requiring schools and libraries to use software filters if they receive certain federal funds. The high court upheld that law in 2003.
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Speaking over the phone from her trailer in Del Rio Texas, Ms. Spelvin told us about how Ms. Pelosi became involved in the adult film industry.
"The day I was scheduled to shoot the explicit scenes for The Devil in Miss Jones, I had a bad case of the clap. When I told Jerry (Gerald Damiano 1970s Adult Film Impresario) about this he blew up. 'J**** F****** C***** Georgina,' I remember Jerry yelling ' you are the dumbest F****** B**** in the world! You're losing me money C***; I don't like losing money!' At this point my friend Harry (Harry Reems was a male adult film star of the early 1970s) walks up and says 'Jerry. Cool man. Cool. I know a dumb B**** who needs bread. Let me give her a ring.' Jerry says 'OK.'
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